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Beau Flanders | Australia 

"From the bottom of my heart I thank Neelam for the experiences shared in our sessions. Her ability to deeply listen opened a door to feel heard and, in turn, allowed me to look deeper within myself to find the way forward. I managed to feel much lighter and happier after each conversation, due to her warm and loving presence. It always ended with a big smile. Grateful for Neelam."

"feel much lighter and happier"


“Every time I end a session with Neelam I feel an incredible amount of energy and motivation. She really helps me to appreciate myself, and she guides me to understand my emotions and decisions. Neelam is extremely professional and her extensive training and her experience are noticeable. Endless gratitude for your help, Neelam, always!”


Ray Pang | singapore

“Neelam’s meditation on self-love was a soul-soothing experience, guiding me towards profound inner peace and acceptance. Her gentle, nurturing voice and her expertly crafted journey facilitated a transformational space where I unearthed layers of self-appreciation and love. Grateful for her wisdom and ability to create such a deeply moving and transformational experience.”

"a deeply moving and transformational experience"

Amy Fraser | Australia

“Neelam is an incredible teacher and she is very skilled at holding space and creating a compassionate environment. My partner and I went to a Tantra festival in Bali where she was facilitating a meditation which really stood out to me. The experience she created was light, playful, joyful, and so incredibly grounded in love! It was such a safe and comfortable space that I felt safe to be myself. Her passion, knowledge and commitment left me inspired and impressed by her."


Cristina García | SPAIN

“Neelam is an amazing therapist. From the very beginning she offers the space and trust to feel absolutely safe with her. In addition, she knows plenty of tools to support you on your journey of personal and spiritual growth. I will always feel satisfied to have worked with her.”

"she offers the space and trust to feel absolutely safe with her"